B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering
B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering

Did you know that without the correct planning, between 20% and 50% of a campaign's target data can be written off?  


You won't necessarily know this until you have completed one complete 'cycle' of working through all the target data.  That impacts on both results and wastes a significant proportion of hard-earned budget.


Whether you are running your first campaign or are already a seasoned Marketer, we can offer free guidance about what data to use, to suit everyone's B2B target requirements.


When in the market for target data to help with a particular campaign, many companies just buy data by industry, geography and size of business.  But what if you could source data that gives greater insight into existing Enterprise systems and if key decisions on IT spend are made locally in the UK, or are more likely to be centralised with an overseas parent company? TriWonder Data can potentially save you up to 50% of your campaign budget as we already have such insight into many private sectors.


You may know your primary and secondary targets, but have they been segmented appropriately for optimum effect?


You need to make sure you have the most effective target data set before you embark on any direct marketing campaign, otherwise you are reducing the probability of achieving best results.


Starting with the warmest target data possible is always the best policy.  If you start with cold data, from our extensive experiences we believe 20% of the data is already inappropriate before we even start a campaign.  And depending on what types of industries you target, we could save you from wasting up to 50% of your time based on data already held within our CRM that we can cross-refer against.


From an IT industry perspective, we know that in certain target sectors, decisions are made centrally by corporate parents based overseas!  Having the knowledge before commencing a campaign could save up to 50% of your campaign budget, because we can already 'segment away' companies that are not officially part of your UK Sales territory anymore!


Some industry sectors are more buoyant and active than others.  We can help you clarify which of those are most likely to give the best yield so that once again you can enhance your marketing strategy, reduce risk and increase peace of mind.


So it makes sense to talk to us about the integrity of your target data before pressing the 'go button' on your B2B demand generation campaign.


Together we can make your Marketing £Pounds go further, have greater impact and therefore more positive effect!


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