B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering
B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering

Discrete, confidential and professional analysis of your Marketing strategy and/or processes and how they interface with your Sales resource and CRM systems.


Our experience to-date, gained through the execution of hundreds of high-value cap-ex B2B Marketing campaigns has proven that sometimes a client's Marketing strategy is not fully optimised.


Do you ever have the feeling that your Marketing results just don't stack up?  


If you require a candid, specialist opinion that understands the background to certain trends or patterns you have been encountering historically, coupled with pragmatic, tried and tested solutions to dilemmas and challenges - then we would be delighted to offer you our perspective and guidance - at affordable rates that are far more cost competitive and accurate to larger consultancies who seem to take an age to complete their surveys and recommendations and miss the point completely by telling you something you already know.


You may need insight from someone removed from organisational culture and politics who speaks to your target markets on a daily basis.  Don't allow yourself to be drawn into an ivory tower!


Our Marketing Health check service tends to be more applicable to SME's (mainly due to how businesses evolve over time) however, our approach can also be applied to larger multi-divisional/national organisations.  To make a full and proper assessment, we believe taking the time to analyse your: -

  • Organisational culture towards the Sales and Marketing functions
  • Working practices deployed at the sharp end of Sales and Marketing
  • CRM system's capabilities
  • Past strategies and reciprocal results vs. ROI

will allow us to quickly identify the focal point and associated root cause to such disfunction and put in place simple but effective solutions and processes to guide your business to greater success.


To ensure we deliver the most accurate recommendations, we will also need to: -

  • Talk with middle Sales and Marketing management
  • Understand the organisational structure
  • Obtain views from Sales and Marketing within the senior management team
  • Analyse your preferred target markets and position in terms of market share
  • Scrutinise brand positioning, internet presence and sales collateral available
  • Spend a day with your Sales and Marketing personnel, reviewing their performance, execution of workload and reporting.

We are completely CRM software independent and therefore can give a completely impartial view on the next steps for your organisation's Sales and Marketing strategy.


We believe that our no-nonsense and ethical approach to Sales and Marketing to be a trouble-shooting based service, that can deliver its findings, conclusions and recommendations within just one working week for SME's.  For multi-divisional organisations, we believe the same level of service to take up to one working week per division.


We have a network of other Sales and Marketing specialists whom we work with.  We plan to launch a 'Partners' tab on this website by the end of October 2013, with links to each partner's website should you wish to progress a specific line of enquiry outside of what we can offer you directly on this site.

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