B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering
B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering

Everyone should conduct Market Research. This is the most effective way of getting to understand both good and bad intelligence from target markets and clients alike.


But why is it most companies think that Market Research specific companies can do the best work?  Is it because Market Research is the only type of work they undertake, making them the obvious choice?


Have you ever thought about a Market Research campaign that not only satisfies the basic requirements of the brief, but also delivers new, qualified leads simultaneously?  Or can qualify with additional questions that identify particular challenges your target audience may be facing?


At TriWonder Data UK, we like to think outside the box adding further value to our clients' campaigns.  We believe we can execute similar work at less cost and to greater effect than traditional Market Research organisations, who tend to offer their services on a level akin to senior consultancy rates.


Admittedly, they do try to do exactly what you ask of them and generally most of them are pretty good, but many lack the Sales instinct and commercial acumen that we have to offer.  In our view traditional Market Research is rigid and offers little opportunity for the use of initiative as and where encountered.


From testing target market viability to existing client surveys, whilst generating leads simultaneously AND at lower costs than most other Market Research companies - we believe we can provide a beneficial and unique Market Research experience that gives you so much more value and awareness than you had originally anticipated, coupled with refreshing opinion and recommendations based on the lifespan of our business.


Just think - we have the ability to run a Market Research campaign a few months before a product launch, that will enable us to generate prospects early for you, so that once the product is officially launched you are already on your way to having a prospect pipeline that will close sooner rather than waiting as long as perhaps a year to get any decent results in.  


Our take on Market Research can reduce your combined Sales and Marketing cycle!  In most environments time is more precious than money - so capitalise on new promotional activities that are open to you.


And don't forget, market research is as good for existing clients as it is for new targets you wish to do business with in future!  So if you are a business with a large market share and hundreds of clients, we can help you assess how your Account Managers are performing through your clients' eyes!  We have helped clients previously identify and resolve some of their own clients waiting on proposals and some who have been thinking of moving their business to other suppliers!



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