B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering
B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering

Telemarketing can help your business demonstrate it is a specialist, niche supplier


Simply put, your business needs regular voice communication with its target markets.  Sales leads do tend to be the primary objective - but you also need to obtain valuable market intelligence on trends, challenges and the competition in order to achieve a stronger competitive edge.  


All of the data collated through Telemarketing can help you build your key differentiators, identify and access niche areas of your chosen markets.  Telemarketing is not there just to 'crunch numbers'.  But you do invariably need people on the phones with extensive commerical experience to achieve this, and TriWonder Data can provide this to you!


Here are a just a few questions and answers that may help you to think more outside the box as to what Telemarketing can help you achieve with your business and demonstrate that our experiences do have the 'ring of truth': - 


Question 1 - Is the solution you wish to find prospects for, being targeted within a market that is emerging, enjoying growth, static or in decline?


It pays to take a step back and think about this - because your answer may require a change in your approach to market - usually starting with a change in the Sales & Marketing culture (and structure) of your business.


Question 2 - What is your opinion that if you win one deal from a campaign, that the campaign is a success (and on-going work is given to the same supplier), or do you have to reach a specific quantity of leads first irrespective of a new business win or not, before you have a new strategic partner on board?


Simply put, we focus on lead quality.  This means that there is a more logical, disciplined (but complex) balance between achieving target and winning a new client with each campaign.  What is the point in hitting target with low-quality leads if you do not get a sale?  We would rather supply you with a lower volume but higher quality of lead intelligence that increases your chances of converting one or more prospects into new business.


Giving lower grade leads to Sales increases 'lead leakage' by between 30% and 70%.


The journey to our destination may take a little longer than perhaps originally anticipated.  We believe that spreading a campaign over a longer period of time, giving us the opportunity to follow-up on literature being sent to interested parties, and to nurture leads to a point where they are suspects ready for your sales to engage with a set appointment, is the best strategy in today's B2B market.  


Business is becoming more global.  Corporations are becoming more centralised with their decision policies.  This means that Marketing cycles are stretching before leads can be passed over to Sales.  Yes, it may take more 'calendar time' to get the results - but it will bear you stronger leads in the medium term and beyond and reduce 'prospect leakage' if lower quality leads are passed across to Sales too soon.


Planned and executed correctly, Telemarketing campaign cost can reduce substantially from Year 2 and beyond, if all the groundwork is carefully prepared during Year 1.  TriWonder Data UK can show you exactly how to deploy such a strategy and make it work.


Question 3 - Should we make a point of analysing missed opportunities that come from our campaign activities?


Yes, absolutely!  For example, we have found a trend in declining markets where the number of leads encountered from 15 years ago has fallen away over time, whilst the number of missed opportunities has remained constant over the same period.


This means that even declining markets are still quite active (but with your competitors) and if you don't conduct campaigns on at least an annual basis and listen to your market(s) of choice, you may continue to generate a reduced number of leads over time, forcing your hand to possibly look to expand your portfolio.


Some missed opportunities are companies who are at the short list stage of a review!  We have proven time and time again that we can convert 40% of these types of 'missed opportunities' into exploratory meetings for our clients, near to the '11th hour'!  


So if you have exemplary sales resource and capacity within your business, you have the opportunity to close additional business with very short sales cycles - a boost that can only have positive effect throughout your entire organisation.

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