B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering
B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering

Since 1993, we have promoted many types of B2B solutions into all private sectors operating in the UK through different types of campaigns for 160+ clients.  


80% of our work has been executed whilst targeting throughout all parts of the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.


Ethical Practice


We have NEVER represented two competitors into the same target markets within a year of one another.  We value our clients' confidentiality highly and the quality and exclusivity of the leads we generate are jointly paramount.


Component Services that integrate with one other


From the knowledge and experience we have gained, you have the flexibility to choose the types or even sub-components of service you require, tailored to your specific needs and objectives.


Whether you are starting from a blank canvas into a new local or international sales territory, have other challenges to resolve in process or work-flow or just interested in some thought leadership and our perspective on certain markets - we are here to help.  We aim to help you fast-track your strategy wherever we believe we can be of assistance.


With most campaigns into the UK's Manufacturing & Distribution sectors, we can help you save time and budget even before we start on the phones.  Give us a call to find out how we can help you.


Extensive commercial acumen has been built over the years.  This acumen is very similar across all industry and business services sectors, irrespective of the solutions that we have been commissioned to promote.


Attention to Detail


The quality and exclusivity of campaign data and all leads exported to you by us upon completion is of paramount important to us.


Expect the 'usual' fields to be supplied as standard, but also expect additional fields such as 'Date checked for point of contact', 'Office hours', 'Auto switchboard options' and a number of other fields supplied, also as standard.


Take greater control of your 'Future Money'


We execute our unique, disciplined lead criteria and grading structures, honed over nearly 20 years of business - to find your clients of tomorrow, reducing sales leakage - helping you to control and manage your 'future money'.


So if you are looking for external support, enhancement of current or future internal resources, a combination of the two or even some additional strategic perspective or telemarketing trouble-shooting - we are here to help you achieve your objectives.


Do you feel the need for a flexible service that is able to think outside of the box?  


Let us know what you are thinking of (in confidence) and we will let you know whether we have the skillsets to complete your objective - or we will recommend someone that can help you further.  We certainly have the tenacity to get the job done - but campaigns must be ethical!

TriWonder Data UK

Suite 4.26/4.28

Windsor House

Cornwall Road


North Yorkshire




Tel: +44 (0)1423 369266


E-mail: info@triwonderdata.co.uk


You can also use our contact form.




You can reach us between 8.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday inclusive.


If your own working week schedule is full to discuss your needs, we are happy to receive pre-arranged calls by appointment until 9pm GMT, Monday to Thursday.

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