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B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering
B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering


Primarily tasked to identify well-qualified, high-value sales prospects for our B2B clients, there is so much more value-add in our service that will both introduce and enhance the positioning of your brand to key executive targets.  


They will receive a professional and informed telephone experience supported by people with good telephone manner, coupled with your sales collateral that we send by email on your behalf.


We are adept in promoting niche and complex solutions / services across all private sectors, engaging with our clients' target markets to all levels of management - conversing at a senior level with both stakeholders and decision makers alike.


Brand positioning


As well as providing you with new prospect pipeline, your message has to reach the correct key targets and stand out from the competition.


This is just part of TriWonder Data UK's mission, and we are committed to combining the promotion of your business, its solutions and deploying our many years of experience of B2B Field Sales & Marketing know-how into successful marketing projects and campaigns, underpinned by our ethos that 'failure is not an option'.


Additional impartial guidance


This website not only offers a comprehensive understanding of what we can do for your business, but also offers (through what we believe to be thought leadership) useful tips and candid advice including supporting documents available for you to download - absolutely free.


These documents will de-mystify some of the key elements of direct marketing based upon what we consider to be best practice that has and continues to evolve with each campaign we are involved with, so that ultimately using external telemarketing resources, will make your experience of lead generation and prospect creation more pleasurable and consistent.


But before we start generating leads for you, we will take a few steps back from a campaign and take a consultative approach to your business.  


We believe this will help us generate the best leads to suit your business today through to the longer term.  Check out the 'Helpful Tips' page for further assistance.


The foundations of our relationship with you


We wish to get to know your organisation, how it has evolved until now, the direct marketing challenges it has experienced in the past, what objectives it has today and support you with your marketing strategy that we believe is best to use with telemarketing, in turn based on the evolution of your target markets, their geography and the development of the type of solutions (and their commercial life span) that your business specialises in.


We believe it is important to understand that economic climate and other external factors can be countered by applying varying components and models to Marketing strategy.  For some organisations this may require a change in Sales and Marketing culture, where we believe such change will yield more positive results.  


Contact TriWonder Data UK today and see how we can be of service.

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E-mail: info@triwonderdata.co.uk


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You can reach us between 8.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday inclusive.


If your own working week schedule is full to discuss your needs, we are happy to receive pre-arranged calls by appointment until 9pm GMT, Monday to Thursday.

To check out our 'Helpful Tips' and 'Downloads' pages for useful value-add documents that strengthen your B2B Marketing strategy - Click here!

Download collateral for top tips to enrich your overall demand generation experience plus articles that we believe are right to share with you in order to further enhance your Sales culture and Marketing strategy for the better - click here It's all part of the service and helps to support our commitment to transparency in service delivery.