B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering
B2B Demand Generation Services for IT,Technology & Engineering

TriWonder Data UK is a UK B2B demand and lead generation business with the deployment of Telemarketing that can be supported by highly focused email shots, as its primary focus.


We follow B.A.N.T. (Budget - Authority - Need - Timescales) qualification principles, enhanced by additional industry specific questions, tailored to each individual client's needs - ensuring that the appointments we make are 'sales ready'.  We refer to our qualification standard as 'B.A.N.T.+S.R'.


Since being established in 1993 TriWonder Data UK has built a wealth of intelligence, data, non-scripted best practice procedures and knowledge that will help to guide you through the pitfalls of demand generation around the world as well as help overcome external factors where possible.


We have represented many of the world's top Business Software companies and their VARs, through to Hi-Tech and Engineering corporations with global reach - delivering highly qualified sales lead intelligence that has enabled our clients to signifantly improve their new business prospect pipelines and new business conversion ratios.


Accurate Target Market Segmentation is imperative


Did you know that with some external telemarketing companies, as much as 50% of your target data could be a complete waste of time if it has not been segmented for greater accuracy beforehand?  This is compounded further if you operate within just a UK-based sales territory.


We use a combination of segmented target data and an unscripted approach that gives our seasoned telemarketing professionals the flexibility they need to hold dynamic conversations with key decision makers that flow, giving call recipients a professional and pleasurable telemarketing experience.


Market Evolution and Approach to Market


We also understand that the evolution of a solution or service may sometimes need a slightly different Marketing strategy than originally planned and more realistic expectations on targets, whether in emerging, growth, static or declining markets.


Because we have worked at the 'coal-face' within direct marketing for close to two decades, we understand what types of 'approach to market' work and those that may not, and see imparting such knowledge as a pre-requisite of each campaign to ensure we get the optimum possible results available to us.


Commercial Empathy


We understand the challenges your business faces and can offer dynamic, personalised lead and demand generation solutions that will resolve such obstacles for you and give you much more than just a return on your investment in each campaign as we pride ourselves in also giving intelligence based on patterns and trends, that will aid future strategic decisions for your business.


Professionally executed Direct Marketing - with a conscience


Through a program of continuous improvement, we never stop learning from each successive campaign we are commissioned to execute.  This has always been our view from the beginning and so, over the years and even today we continue to build a hybrid of best practice that we can share (where relevant) with our clients, to add value to their own Sales and Marketing strategic thinking moving forwards.


We are passionate about the value and quality of intelligence that we give to our clients and are proud to maintain our focus on quality of leads as opposed to quantity.  The better the quality of lead coupled with our lead nurturing service, stops lead leakage and increases lead conversion rates.  It makes us more of an integrated extension of your business.


So whether you are a market leader with global reach, breaking into a new/emerging market or just starting out on your journey to be No.1 and build your empire, we have something of benefit for everyone.


Prior to the founding of TriWonder Data UK, Craig de Prez spent 5 years in both Marketing and Field Sales within the IT commercial applications sector, promoting and selling both 'hardware only' and turnkey solutions into the UK Manufacturing and Distribution sectors.


The experience, insight and knowledge gained by Craig was invaluable for designing and building the foundations, ethics, disciplines and processes within the business (as well as the depth of vision available), all of which is used today and enhanced by continuously improving Telemarketing best practice, on-going knowledge retention for significant industrial and corporate memory.

TriWonder Data UK

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You can reach us between 8.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday inclusive.


If your own working week schedule is full to discuss your needs, we are happy to receive pre-arranged calls by appointment until 9pm GMT, Monday to Thursday.

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